When you’re planning a dream vacation there’s a lot of details involved. Taking time off work, choosing your destination, finalizing your mode of travel, making your hotel reservations, and arranging your rides to and from the airport are the main things that make up your itinerary.

You’ll also have a million details to cover: how much you’ll need to pack, what type of climate you should pack for, and the proper attire for any special places you plan to visit. You’ll also have to make sure your home is secure and maybe have your pet boarded, too. Then you’ll be ready to start on the fine details: how much spare money will you have for your travel wardrobe?

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to stretch your clothing budget, and perhaps the biggest is to shop online at Full Beauty. With sizes from 12 to 44 Full Beauty fits the majority of women, offers great prices, and when you use the Full Beauty coupon you can find even greater savings!

Your best bet is to make a plan of action before you shop. First, decide how much money you can use for your wardrobe. Then, make a list of places and events you’d like to see and do, and what type of clothing is appropriate for each. Check your closet and pack as much as you can from your current wardrobe, and make a list of each outfit as it goes into your suitcase. Make a second list of clothes or accessories you need to complete your packing and you’ll have a starting point to begin your shopping.

Keep in mind to watch for items that can serve double duty, such as a tunic that would look great over a skirt you already have and also work well with slacks and a blazer. Then go to the Full Beauty coupon website and browse the pertinent categories to get an idea of what they have in your size and style.

Once you’ve checked it out and are ready to shop your first stop should be the Clearance category. Look for the items on your “Need” list and see how big a discount you can get. Then go to the separate categories and fill in your wardrobe.

Before you go to the checkout page make sure you’ve downloaded the Groupon app and have the Full Beauty coupon ready to use. This will give you extra savings over the already low prices, and you’ll have more money left over for your actual vacation!