Hello peeps! How have you been? The harvest month is almost ending and I   hope that you are  all doing great out there. It is time to slowly and gladly say  goodbye to August and continue to  hope  that the coming month will be a better, or I would say great one for us […]

Hello March! Wow, finally March is here! I hope your February turned out great and you had accomplished some things in your life, maybe a dream or simply a wish that you always wanted to come true! More on that I wish you all a lovely month of March. I finally sent again some postcards […]

Whose not going to miss  this lovely place! This place will always be my home. It is simply saying, “there is no place like home!”.  I hope you agree with that. Wherever I travel in this world, nothing can replace the  country where I grew up.   Everytime I miss home,  all I need to […]

Happy New Year 2014!

As 2013 leaves, my prayer to God  for all  my family and friends, May it take away your all your sorrows and worries. And as 2014 arrives, May it brings  happiness and prosperity to us all! Have a blessed and prosperous New Year 2014! God bless us always! “Another fresh new year is here . […]

I guess this is not about travel stories but only some tips about shopping. How do you save money when shopping? Do you watch items you frequently buy especially when they are on sale? Do you used discounts codes or coupons to save some bucks especially if you buy something? A sample of a  flyer […]

Whether I am in Europe or in my home country, I always feel like having a vacation. But how I wish, I am in my home country right now. I only don’t miss the fine beach but also the nice weather, the sunset from our terrace and most of all my family and friends. I […]

Printing Travel Documents

I was saddened when a good friend who used to print my travel documents already left. She left last December 2012 to join her family. Now I have a difficulty printing my travel documents. I have a printer at home but it is not working anymore. There are actually companies who provides local overnight printing. […]

That dream of visiting the Baltic region finally came true. We visited two countries including Latvia and Lithuania. In Latvia, we stayed in one of the biggest hotel in its capital city Riga. Our room has television on a monitor mount, bathroom with bathtub and dinner and breakfast were also included. As far as I […]

Souvenirs When I Travel

Sorry guys, I am trying to find some snapshots of places where I took pictures of souvenir shops but to no avail. I am particular looking for some that are from France. I need to organize my photos soon. Anyway, sometimes I am including safety cutters or scissors in my travel bag. When I am […]

Came Home with Flat Tires

Just a short break from a normal post. Hubby went home with flat tires on his car. He was quite mad about it but what can he do when it already happened. He drove over to some sharp metals at work that caused two flat tires on his car. Thanks to his portable tire air […]

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