Spring is finally here! I am thankful for the month of March and so excited for this month! It is finally April and so far, it is starting great! I had an awesome afternoon today after some family members paid a visit to us. We have been planning to meet since January but plans and […]

There are certain holiday experiences that you need to make sure you have. They are essential to the enjoyment of the trip, and to helping broaden your mind. A lot of these will be visiting historic places, or taking part in significant events. These are things many people will never get to do in their […]

You’ve purchased a pricy DSLR camera that you absolutely love, but now you’re going to be traveling abroad and it has dawned on you that this isn’t exactly a compact device that you can zip into your windbreaker pocket! The following are a few tips designed specifically for the amateur photographer who wants to use […]

The first time you visit this blog, you might notice  its  title,  “Travel Snapshots”. Yes, that is the title of this blog. I love to take pictures of anything especially when I travel.  In fact, I am addicted to taking photos. This is the reason why I also love to shop for travel gadgets like  […]

I believed women packed more stuffs in their luggage than men. Agree with me guys? Don’t say no  because this is a fact! Women need more personal stuffs than  men. I have a beauty case everytime I travel. I love bringing the german nivea lotion, deodorant, shampoo and shower gel. Also included in my beauty […]


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