Travels and memories! If only traveling is for free, then I would surely be on the other side of the planet right now. I am still happy because I had already visited many places and over 40 countries around the globe and still counting. Thanks God for the chance and the opportunity to travel and […]

I am back here! I have so many travel experiences to share but time is always limited now. I wish  I can share  more often  in this blog even just photographs of the places I visited  but with the many  things that keep me busy the past 3 months, it is quite impossible. I will […]

After the many visits I had in Würzburg, I finally had  a tour inside the Würzburg Residenz (Wuerzburg Residence). It was during my  5th visit   when I had the chance to have a sightseeing inside  this beautiful palace in Wuerzburg. I escorted the relatives of my friends who were visiting Europe last summer 2012. The […]

The weather was perfect that day in the Adriatic Coast. It was quite cold when I left Central Europe to visit some places and countries in the Balkans, also known as Southeast Europe or the Balkan Peninsula but in Dubrovnik, it was sunny and quite hot. The night before our trip to Dubrovnik, we had […]

It was autumn or fall season when we visited Riga, the capital city of Latvia in the Baltic States. The sky was gray and it way raining during our sightseeing tour there. Latvian’s capital is the second-largest city of the Eastern Baltic. Riga’s historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, noted for its Art […]

I thought I can only see this place in my dream, in a travel book guide or photos and articles posted in internet. I did finally visited one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France named Carcassonne. This happened after I booked a trip to three countries including Spain, Andorra and France. It was […]

It was my second visit in Strasbourg last November 25, 2012. During my fist visit in December 2010, I really don’t have the chance to see and experience there because of limited time. This was also the reason why I promised myself to go back there. That cruise we had in Ill River in Strasbourg […]

What is it? A palace and fortress constructed during the mid 14th century by the Berber rulers of the Emirate of Granada in al-Andalus. Where it is? It is located on top of the hill of the Assabica on the southeastern border of the city of Granada in the region of Andalusia in Spain. It […]

It is very famous because of  Juliet’s  House or the Casa di Giulietta. It was supposedly the location of the famous balcony love scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but for reason  I don’t know, it did not took place there.  Verona is one of the cities that I visited in Italy. It is located […]

I am trying to reminisce the gorgeous trip we had in this town last spring of 2011. It  is almost a year now since our sightseeing there. Vernazza is one of the  lovely  villages in Cinque Terre (also known as the Five Villages). It is located in the province of La Spezia, Liguria in the  […]


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