When you’re planning a dream vacation there’s a lot of details involved. Taking time off work, choosing your destination, finalizing your mode of travel, making your hotel reservations, and arranging your rides to and from the airport are the main things that make up your itinerary.

You’ll also have a million details to cover: how much you’ll need to pack, what type of climate you should pack for, and the proper attire for any special places you plan to visit. You’ll also have to make sure your home is secure and maybe have your pet boarded, too. Then you’ll be ready to start on the fine details: how much spare money will you have for your travel wardrobe? + READ MORE

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Happy Golden October! If you live in a country or continent where there is autumn or fall season, for sure you  know what I mean about golden October. Time flies so fast  now.  The 10th month of 2017 is almost ending. Looks like  the holiday season is in a hurry to come and visit  our homes. I know many of you are already excited for Christmas season.

Most are excited because of the  presents they will get from their family, friends or colleagues.  Some might have their dream smartphone, computer, a new car or even a new house or whatever things that will make them happy.  If you can afford it why not! + READ MORE

How is your weekend so far? It is ending now in this part of the planet. I would say, I really had a lovely weekend. Although, it s a busy one but I am thankful that there are a lot of things that keep me busy now especially with the spring cleaning, garden work and other errands that needed to be done before a new week comes. + READ MORE

Spring is finally here! I am thankful for the month of March and so excited for this month! It is finally April and so far, it is starting great! I had an awesome afternoon today after some family members paid a visit to us. We have been planning to meet since January but plans and schedules just don’t perfectly meet. This is life sometimes and we can do all the things we wanted to do. + READ MORE

Hello 2017! Time flies by so fast and the first month of the New Year is almost ending. I can’t imagine that we are already in the last weekend of January. I hope you are all doing great out there and enjoying life to the fullest!

Have you plan your travels for this year already? I hope you are slowly doing it so you can have the time to find for cheap deals. I did! I am slowly planning for my travels this year and I am happy to book for the first trip in Europe. There are still a lot of places and countries to explore here and I am glad that I already took off some in my bucketlist. + READ MORE

Are you getting excited for the coming holiday season? I believed, many you are very excited especially all the kids and children out there! Many of you might be expecting for surprise presents or gifts. As for me, I am happy that I am well again. This coming coming holiday season, I wish especially for good health, peace of mind, love, joy and true happiness for me, my family and friends. I also hope for peace in this world!

During the past few days, I always hear Christmas songs on the radio and even on the malls. It is nice to sing songs like Christmas carols and music related to it. Hearing these songs just make me happy and I know for sure, you can hear it in all corners of the world.  + READ MORE

How’s everyone doing out there? I am glad, we are having sunshine at the moment and I heard from the weather news forecast  that the sun shines  the whole day. Thanks God for it! There are just so many things to be thankful of! I am also  very grateful that  I am so far doing good now. I hope to be backed to my regular job soon.


I know, it will be quite a long time since I can visit Las Vegas again. Still, I am thankful that I was there twice and had experienced a lot of entertainments especially the free musical shows in Las Vegas Strips and in many hotels there. If you love many forms of entertainments, Las Vegas is a perfect place to go. + READ MORE

Goodbye golden October! Hello November! How are your first days of the month? I hope you guys are having a fabulous one especially during the celebration of Halloween. Not really much for me because I am quite limited with everything now. I continue to hope and pray for my total healing and recovery.

Since Christmas is almost approaching, I wish to witness a Christmas Musical Show or concerts in Europe. I have been longing to watch shows like Disney on Ice, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in Leipzig, The Latvian Radio Choir, Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow or any shows this coming holiday season. + READ MORE

The sun is shining brightly outside but it seems that it is still a gloomy day since I am not really fit and still not feeling well. Still, I am thankful because I am on the path of recovery. This is also the reason why I missed a lot of festivals in the nearby cities.

Some things I love when going to the festivals are the the carnival rides, tasting different foods including local and international, watching people having fun and most of all listening to the live performances on stage like live bands.  + READ MORE

Travels and memories! If only traveling is for free, then I would surely be on the other side of the planet right now. I am still happy because I had already visited many places and over 40 countries around the globe and still counting. Thanks God for the chance and the opportunity to travel and see the beauty of your creation. I am indeed very grateful!

One of the countries I visited in Europe is Cordoba. It is a very interesting city with many historical sights to see. The photograph you can see here is the Roman Bridge that crosses over the  Guadalquivir River. It has a length of about 250 m and consists of 16 arches.  It was built in the early 1st century BC, during the period of Roman rule in Córdoba. + READ MORE

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