Thanks God  we arrived safely  in Tirana, Albania that afternoon.  From there, we were picked up by a bus with a tour guide  going to our hotel in Durrës, the second largest city and municipality of Albania. The 4-star hotel we stayed in is nice due to its location along the beach.

I set the alarm at 5:30 AM the next day since I planned to go walking along the beach before we will be heading to Krujë, one of our destinations that day.  After around 40 minutes of driving we arrived in this city of Albania.

View of the Kruje castle ruins and the minaret from the top of Skanderbeg Museum.

The castle of Kruje, Krujë in Albanian, was the last to fall into the hands of the Ottomans, 10 years after the death of George Castriota Scanderbeg. And there fell, not because they took it by force, but because the besiegers having had surrendered guaranteed to save his life. They all died, because the Ottomans did not stay to the covenants. It was October the 15th , 1478.

Hello November! Wow, golden October is over now. It seems that the holiday season is fast approaching soon. It would also means that another year is about to enter in our lives. Indeed, time flies so fast nowadays.

The cozy restaurant of Hotel Dinasty in Tirana,  the capital of Albania. It was a wonderful overnight in this hotel.

I have a lot to share from my recent travels in the Balkan Peninsula. As of now, I still feel that I am having a jetlag from that travels to 6 countries. I wish, I am still there especially in this country called Montenegro. I love it there especially that I already visited the country for the second time. ==> READ MORE

I am back guys! Travels and memories are simply awesome. I am very thankful that I had the chance to travel again this year. It was a wonderful vacation, full of excitements and experiences visiting some countries and places in the Balkan Peninsula, a region in Southeast Europe.

The interior of the Restoran-Makedonska-Kukja in Skopje, Macedonia.

In fact, the group whom I went traveling with visited 6 countries in the region of Southeast Europe. I still can’t get over with that travel. Those places we visited are still haunting me. This is always the case everytime my travels are over. I wish, I can still stay longer to those places but I am back to reality now and have been working again for over a week. I need to work to save for some projects and more travels. ==> READ MORE

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last visit here. This is the effect of having a very busy life. I am thankful that I am still breathing. I have to work this weekend and I just got off from my late shift.

Cruising in Oslo Fjord, one of the memorable cruise I had.

So, how have you been folks? I hope the month of September is good to all of you. So far, I cannot complain and I have wonderful weeks this month. I am just too busy with many things including having this full time job. I have a lot to share from my previous travels but time is always limited and I apologize for that. ==> READ MORE

Ever come across a great travel video and wish that you could save it so that you could watch it later? Needless to say you probably already realize that most travel videos are streamed and don’t have an option available to ‘save’ them for offline viewing. That is why you need software like the Movavi Screen Capture Studio if you intend to do just that.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is essentially a recording studio suite of features that will allow you to capture anything that is on your screen. In this case that means that if the travel video you want to save is playing there, you will be able to record it and then save it so that you can watch it offline. To do this, just: ==> READ MORE

Let’s go back to Greece! It seems like yesterday when I was there. Thanks to photographs and memories, that travel to this beautiful island of Santorini seems like fresh in my mind.

For me visiting Fira is a must when in Santorini. It is also called as Thera or Thira and it is the main town of Santorini island. It is situated on the top of a cliff of a caldera.

View of Fira, the modern capital of the Greek Aegean island, Santorini.

Hello summer! It is indeed summer season now! The weather was quite hot today. We had over 30 degrees Celsius in our area. With this temperature, I have to water the plants and flowers in the backyard to keep it alive and blooming.

Musicians playing musical instruments during a festival in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria.

Let me share to you this photo taken in one of the festivals I visited in Germany. This was taken 6 years ago. Wow! Imagine that! Thanks to my digital camera and external hard drive. I can always travel in time by simply browsing at my photo albums. ==> READ MORE

I believed not many of you are familiar about this place called Demre. Unless you visited this town, for sure you  have an idea about it. Demre was  named after the river Demre. It is a Lycian town of Myra, the home of Saint Nicholas of Myra, the historical man later developed into the figure of Santa Claus.  Many of us believed that Santa Claus was  somewhere from Scandinavia but  history says, he is from Myra.

Demre  is located in the Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The Roman Amphitheatre in Demre, Turkey.

One of the must-sights to see in this town is the Roman amphitheatre. It is considered as the largest theatre in Lycia and one of the main attractions of Myra.  So far, during our visit the theatre is still in good shape. It hasa double-vaulted corridors  and are well-preserved.  ==> READ MORE

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