I started this post last night but I was not able to finish it because I was very sleepy already. It was again another long day I had yesterday considering the offline tasks that I need to finish.

So I am finishing this post as soon as I can,  before I watch television tonight. Linderhof Palace, called in Germany as Schloss Linderhof is a palace located near Ettal  Abbey in Bavaria, Germany. I have been to the area where this is located but it was my first time to visit it last summer  2011.  Together with my friends, we had a picnic in a lake near this area. + READ MORE

Holiday Infographics

This infographic shows the main holiday expenses: food, alcohol, trips, gifts, duty free, travel & transport, holiday decorations, clothes, sports, and accessories. New Year is a great opportunity to spend a vacation in: Nevada, New York, Colorado, and Florida. 37% of Americans even don’t think about their spending, especially when they are on vacation. Astoundingly, 63% of Americans take out payday loans to get quick cash, along with high fees. During the holiday season, it is necessary not only to control your expenses, but also to use payday loans right way, for emergencies.

Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic

Source: FastLoanTree.com

Happy New Year everyone! Today is history since it is my first post in this blog. I hope  everyone is having a good start of the year. I believed I am!  So let’s continue with our main topic.

Spain is one of the many beautiful countries I love in Europe. I was there twice. My first visit was in December 2011 and was followed last March 2012. I love this country. During my first trip, most of the cities we visited were in Andalusia region.  Our hotel was in Granada that time. Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada  were the cities  we went to.

Below, you can find some  images I took from Cordoba.  These are snapshots of the famous Mezquita, a  mosque that was turned into Cathedral. This historical architecture of Cordoba is  truly amazing. It is regarded as the one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture. Its building begun around the year 600 as the Christian Visigothic church of St. Vincent.

You will surely admire  this Moorish architecture once you see it. I believed that I was so luck to see it in my bare eyes. It was indeed breathtaking! There is also one thing I  wanted. I need to  register in Asukabook for me to better share and keep my travel memories. I also want to create books  or albums  for my photos. I believed this is a good idea of keeping memories.  I am hoping so soon!

Before I end this post, I would like to wish everyone a  wonderful and more bountiful New Year 2013! God bless us all!

The interior columns of the Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

The interior columns of the Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain.
© ww.travel-snapshots.com

The Cathedral compound. You can also find the entrance  in this side of the building.© www.travel-snapshots.com

The Cathedral compound. You can also find the entrance in this side of the building. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

The weather was quite not friendly during our visit in Weimar. It was cold and chilly and sometimes it was showering.  All  of  these did not stopped me from walking around in the city of Weimar and  experienced their sights.  Our main purpose to go there  was to witness its famous Christmas  Market.

If you are familiar with Goethe, Schiller and other famous people from Weimar, you will more appreciate your visit in this city of Thuringia in Germany.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its cultural heritage.

For now, let me share first about  the main topic  which is our visit in the Christmas market in this city.  The Weimarer Weihnacht or Weimar’s Christmas Market is unique in its own.  It is scattered  around the old city.   The first one that I visited was the Theatreplatz (Theatre Square).  This is where you can find  The Goethe-Schiller Monument in front of the Deutsches Nationaltheater  (German National Theatre) and Staatskapelle  (State Chapel)  Weimar. There are numerous booths at the  Theatreplatz selling Christmas decors, arts and crafts and of course local delicacies. I bought some postcards in one of the booths there.

After taking some pictures, I  proceeded  to the the Schillerstrasse, where you can also find many booths and stalls. I enjoyed all the goods sold by merchants in this area.  The last but  the best one I visited was the Christmas market  at  the Marktplatz  or Market Square. I cannot avoid to smell the  aromas of roasted almonds. I stopped in one of the stalls and bought some. Tasting the specialty  like the Thuringer wurst (Thuringer sausage) is a must when you visit there.

Christmas  Market in Weimar did not only means experiencing all of the above but  it also means tradition and stories. Don’t you know that the first public Christmas tree  or was erected in Weimar in 1815 or 1816 ? Thanks to the  court bookseller Johann Wilhelm Hoffmann who put up the first Christmas tree for the public  outside his shop in Cranach House on the market square.

More Christmas Markets stories  in Europe Travel Pad and Countryside Trip blogs.

Weimarer Weinacht, Christmas Market at the Markplatz in Weimar.
© ww.travel-snapshots.com.

Christmas Market at the Schillerstrasse in Weimar, Thuringia.

© ww.travel-snapshots.com.

In 2011 the Weimar Christmas Market was voted as “World finest Christmas Market” by bloggers and journalists of CNN.

Travel Snapshot- Duvall, Washington

I was so quick in clicking my camera when I saw the sign of Duvall.  We passed it on our way to visit the famous Snoqualmie Falls near this city.  Duvall is a city in King County, Washington, United States. It home to other ancestral Tulalip Native American tribes. Every spring/summer there is a festival held titled “Duvall Days”, also known as Coe’s Day.

Duvall, Washington- © ww.travel-snapshots.com

Duvall, Washington. Taken last September 2012
© ww.travel-snapshots.com

It was my second visit in Strasbourg last November 25, 2012. During my fist visit in December 2010, I really don’t have the chance to see and experience there because of limited time. This was also the reason why I promised myself to go back there.

That cruise we had in Ill River in Strasbourg was all worth it. It costs 9.20 euros but a very good one if you want to see more around the city. It  last around 45 minutes. The Ill river forms part of the 17th century fortifications and passes through a series of locks and channels in the picturesque old town, including the Petite-France district, where its waters were once used to power mills and tanneries.

I was so happy  and contented because I see a lot during my second visit. I still wish to go back there someday.

The Ill River that flows in Strasbourg, France. I had the chance to go cruising in Ill during my second visit last November 25, 2012.
© http://www.travel-snapshots.com

Not really a good picture because we were inside a glass covered boat  during our cruise.  You can pass a lot of  bridges when passing it.  I am also letting you know that the Grande Île – which was the first city centre to be classified entirely as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

It was so hot when we had a drive around the area of the Valley of Fire State park, Nevada but it was all worth-it.

Here are some information about this park;

1. It is the oldest state park in Nevada, USA dedicated in 1935.
2. It has an area of almost 42,000 acres (17,000 ha).
3. It derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs.

Valley of Fire, Nevada. Such a very interesting place I visited during my vacation in the USA last summer 2012.
© http://www.travel-snapshots.com

Game is over and vacation is over as well! I am back home for over a month  now. What is left are memories and unforgettable experiences.  I always love Las Vegas. I never get bored  everytime I visit this city. It was actually my second visit there. Thanks to my sisters  and friends who made my vacation in the USA truly a memorable and fantastic one.

I have a feeling that I will be backed to this city again in the future. You are simply fabulous Las Vegas!  I will surely see you next time!


Walking in Las Vegas Strip By Night
© http://www.travel-snapshots.com

Best hotels in Crete

Welcome to the year-round island Crete! Things to do in Crete include hiking the longest gorge in Europe, seeing the remains of vast Minoan Palaces, relaxing in a pretty waterfront town and spending a day in Iraklion with its marvellous archaeological museum …….and that’s without even mentioning the beaches! There’s always a new world to discover on this island, what makes this island paradise even more appealing these days is the array of top quality hotels. The below Crete hotel reviews are the current top reviewed hotels in Malia as rated by HolidayCheck customers.

The Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa is a stone built hotel on the top of a small hill is surrounded by the blue crystal waters of Aegean Sea. Commanding a privileged location in Malia, the resort offers a private sandy beach, 7 swimming pools and delicate dishes of Greek and International cuisines. Privacy, romance and stress-free relaxation are accompaniments of this family-friendly Resort. For those who prefer extra privacy and you can choose a bungalow or a suite with private pool or outdoors Jacuzzi.

The country style Hotel Matheo is set on a hillside above Malia offers wonderful panoramic views over the busy town and the beautiful sea. The surrounding beautiful gardens provide a serene quiet environment. The sandy beach is a few minutes walk away. The hotel has a lobby with satellite TV, restaurant with terrace, freshwater pool with Jacuzzi tub, sunbeds and sunshades, a shady area and a children’s pool.

The Alexander Beach Hotel & Village with its impressing architecture is located in the Malia bay, on its own private 400 metre long sandy beach. This exclusive Greek style village complex is a place where you can stroll and lose yourself in the resort’s botanical gardens. Along with the main restaurant offering fantastic sea views you can also choose between several Greek taverns with regional and international specialties, snack bars, bars and beer gardens. The private sandy beach, swimming pools, sports and entertainment programmes, shows, disco evenings and barbecues turn this hotel into a perfect holiday destination.

The 4-star Hotel High Beach enjoys an ideal location right on the beach. It is only 200 metres from the city where you can enjoy a vivid nightlife. The spacious rooms are decorated with vivid colours in a modern style. Facilities include two fresh water swimming pools, one children’s pool, Jacuzzi, 3 Bars, 2 restaurants, beauty treatments, steam room, sauna, gym, playground, shop and well maintained gardens. High Beach is a small hotel built for high expectations.

Featuring low-rise buildings and impressive gardens, the award-winning resort Cretan Malia Park stretches out across a beautiful sandy beach with sparkling blue waters. Surrounded by exotic trees and flowers, the main restaurant at Cretan Malia Park is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing dinner. The outstanding buffet offers international and local dishes as well as special-themed nights. Enjoy the swimming pools and views of the beach while having lunch at the Pergola Restaurant or experience authentic Greek flavours at the à la Carte Mouries Restaurant. Modern yet relaxed décor and elegant colours make each of our 204 guest rooms the ideal summer vacation space.

Visit HolidayCheck for more Crete hotel reviews and to start planning your holiday today.

I believed most of you are very familiar about the Book of Ephesus in the Bible? This book of the Bible is in relation to the place called Ephesus in Turkey. This city was an ancient Greek city. I suggest you browse online about this place. I can only say, I had a fantastic trip in this part of Turkey.

It is said that Ephesus contains the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Only an estimated 15% has been excavated


Ephesus, Turkey during our trip last 2011. © www.travel-snapshots.com

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