Summer time is party time but where is summer? The weather in our place the past week and until this week was quite not so friendly. Temperature ranging from 10 degrees Celsius in the night and up to 19 degrees during the day don’t really feel like summer weather. I am still thankful with this kind of weather. Unlike in other countries who are experiencing massive heat like in Pakistan, I rather have the weather we have. I heard over the news that there were already a lot of casualties brought by the extreme heat in Pakistan. ==> READ MORE

There are certain holiday experiences that you need to make sure you have. They are essential to the enjoyment of the trip, and to helping broaden your mind. A lot of these will be visiting historic places, or taking part in significant events. These are things many people will never get to do in their lives. So it’s important that you make the most of them, and that you document everything.

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Always make sure you carry your camera with you, and maybe even think about making a holiday scrapbook. Here are four epic experiences you need to make sure you have. ==> READ MORE

Myra is one of the places we visited in Turkey in my recent travel. It was a 15-day trip comprising of a one week round trip in Turkey and one week cruise in Greece. That was a very interesting holiday visiting beautiful and historic places in both countries.

Rock-cut tombs in Myra, Turkey

Rock-cut tombs in Myra, Turkey

Myra is an ancient town in Lycia where the small town of Kale (Demre) is situated today in present day Antalya Province of Turkey. It is famous for its Lycian rock-cut tombs,  as you can see in my photo here. ==> READ MORE

I am happy to be backed here! How have you been folks? I am quite tired today  for some reasons. I guess,  this is due to the busy day yesterday at work.  Short in personnel and too many  work to be done.


It is better to share for now the great and happy times I had in  Marrakesh. Wow, I could not really imagine that I did visited the  “world-famous square” last time. I have seen a lot of travel documentations about Marrakesh and promised myself to be there  once in my life. Indeed, that  wish and dream to visit  one of Morocco’s four former imperial cities came into reality. ==> READ MORE

Happy Easter everyone! The weather was not really friendly during Easter week but that is not a problem for me.  I have to work the whole Easter weekend. I would love to spend it at home or somewhere but since I was scheduled to work, I cannot do anything about  it. Besides in two weeks from now, the first vacation for this year will be starting already.  I really need a break and I am very  excited  for the upcoming travels.

The musicians during the Volksfest parade, a summer festival in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria.

Spring is finally here!  In some weeks, spring festivals will be commencing in the different places in Germany especially in Bayern or Bavaria region. One thing I love about this country are the festivals that are going on all year round. One of the Volksfest I witnessed was in Neumarkt in der Oberfpalz or Upper Palatinate region  in Bavaria. ==> READ MORE

I guess, I have to slowly say goodbye to March! In almost an hour,  it will be over and we will be entering one of  my favorite months and this is  April. You might be wondering why? I love nature and I love  plants and flowers and I am proud to be a gardener of my own.  The month of  April is usually the  time when tulips  are also flowering. In Europe,  this is the time of the year where tulip flowers bloom.  I am so grateful that I had the chance to visit the Garden of Europe  which is known as Keukenhof.

These are some of my favorite colors of tulips. Anyway, I love them all! Keukenhof is indeed a paradise for me.

Everytime I look at the pictures I had from this garden, I am badly missing my great travel buddies.  This is one of the places we visited during that adventure last 2013.   These lovely ladies named Joy, Jean and Malou  are really awesome travel buddies.  ==> READ MORE

Happy weekend everyone! I was browsing one of my external  hard drives searching for photos and travel experience to be shared here. I decided to pick-up this small but beautiful town of  Treuchtlingen.  It is a spa town in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, in Bavaria, Germany. I had the chance to visit the town in winter 2012.

Timbered houses in Treuchtlingen

It was my first visit in this historic town  of   Treuchtlingen.  The  town founded in 793, during the reign of Charlemagne. It was first mentioned in 899, as Drutelinga. The spot where the town is situated was first settled by Celt, Romans and Franks. ==> READ MORE

Postcards from Guam

First of all, let me slowly say goodbye to February and thank you for being a great month for me. I hope for you too! I am gladly welcoming another month of 2015, the month of March. I am hoping that this will be another wonderful month for us all!

Endangered sea turtles in Guam area making a dramatic comeback in Pacific waters. It is now a familiar sight to diving enthusiasts.


A beautiful wooden postcard. This is the first time I  received and saw a wooden postcard. So happy with it. ==> READ MORE

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