This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


Anyone who is currently in need of a travel gadget? Are you looking for the one that perfectly suits your needs and budget? We might be at the same boat. This is also the reason why I love shopping for travel gadgets that fits my pocket and needs.

As a travel blogger, I love shopping for anything that I use when I travel. Whether it is a camera, clothing that suit in any season of the year when I travel, luggage, travel bags, shoes, smartphones, women’s accessories, beauty products  and more, I always see to it that I always get the lowest possible  price  with good quality. ==> READ MORE

Hello lovely people out there! How’s everyone doing this first weeks of August? I hope you are all good like me. I do not want to complain despite life’s imperfection. I am trying my best to live a happy life and so far things are doing well in my part.

There are a lot of summer festivals going on in the nearby cities and towns. It should be the perfect time to unwind, enjoy a glass of beer inside the festival tent, taste German local delicacies, do some shopping or enjoy some  carnival rides. ==> READ MORE

Musical Show in Hamburg

Hello peeps! It seems that I am hibernating for a long time now. It’s been awhile since I got home from a long vacation but it seems that I am still having a jetlag now. I can still remember the happy and exciting memories I had from that trip but sad to say  I am back to reality now.

Hey, my big day is almost coming. I already have a lot of gift ideas for my special day but still thinking of the best one. How about a musical trip in Europe especially in Hamburg, Germany? ==> READ MORE

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Do you want to save some bucks when you travel? It is very easy nowadays.  There are many ways in order to minimize your expenses when or while traveling. As a frequent traveler, I always see to it that I get discounts  every time I book a trip. My pocket can be very happy if I do so. Why not? Everyone wants to save money whether  we go shopping, hire services, book a plane ticket and other shopping activities.


The good news is, there is Groupon Coupons  who can help you save some bucks.  There is no better way in saving money when availing of their many discounts and coupons.  This is a big advantage for many  shoppers and  consumers. Whether you are buying appliances, electronics, furniture and fixture, office equipment  and supplies,   clothing, event tickets, pet supplies, sporting goods, plane ticket bookings, there are a lot of choices at the various retail stores in Groupon. ==> READ MORE

I can’ wait for the day when I can travel again! In fact, I am getting so excited now. Luggage are finally packed but I still need to finalize my hand carry baggage. Some more days and I will be in the other side of the globe again. This will really be very exciting and I am praying for safe flights and travels. So help me and all travelers Lord of Travels!

So, are you a traveling musician or I would say a  street performer? During my travels and tours in Europe I have had met  a lot of these so-called street performers especially musicians who are bringing with them their music  instruments to earn money to finance their travels. ==> READ MORE

Happy spring season! Although the weather is still not so warm, I am glad that winter is finally over now. The heater is still turn on especially in the evening because it is still cold inside the house.

Anyway, let me share a bit about my travel in Greece before I sign-off tonight. It was a wonderful cruise trip in the different islands of the country last time. I would say, it was a fantastic experience for a cheap vacation package. I am a cheap traveler but most or I would say 99% of my travels are all worth it considering the cheap prices I paid and I had a lot of priceless experiences exploring places.

A walk around Fira is very interesting seeing various architectures and designs.

One of the islands we visited during that cruise holiday was Santorini.   Visiting this volcanic island  was a dream came true. Wow, I am super happy and so grateful to be there.

Santorini is  in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. Its dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, and the natural beauty of the island attracts millions of visitors each year. I am one of it and I am really happy! ==> READ MORE

Spring Time, Festival Time

Is it spring now? I can see the signs of spring when I go to my garden. Spring flowers are starting to bloom now. I can also hear the birds singing and chirping everytime, I am outside, in the backyard. Sad to say, the weather is still not so friendly. It was quite cold today and I decided not to do some garden work after having some jetlag from my travels.

I just looked at the calendar and indeed meteorological spring begun last Sunday, the 20th of March. I am quite excited since spring festivals will be starting so soon. I can’t wait to taste some local and international delicacies, enjoy the beat of the drums at the festival tent especially when the live bands are playing, experience carnival rides and what else? ==> READ MORE

One of the many gates (27 gates) of the historic city of Meknes in Morocco. It is an imperial city with a lot of historical monuments and natural sites, the reasons why it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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