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First of all, let me slowly say goodbye to February and thank you for being a great month for me. I hope for you too! I am gladly welcoming another month of 2015, the month of March. I am hoping that this will be another wonderful month for us all!

Endangered sea turtles in Guam area making a dramatic comeback in Pacific waters. It is now a familiar sight to diving enthusiasts.


A beautiful wooden postcard. This is the first time I  received and saw a wooden postcard. So happy with it. ==> READ MORE

Are you still planning for your wedding? Of course you are. It seems like it never ends, right? But amidst all of the wedding planning don’t forget the honeymoon! You do remember the honeymoon don’t you? That’s the time when you and your significant other actually get to finally relax. If you haven’t decided where to spend it yet, do yourself a favor and check out Fiji. One of its resorts, named Tokoriki Island Resort was just awarded “5th Most Romantic Resort in the World” by TripAdvisor. Of course, there are still many places and resorts to choose from, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a place more beautiful than this!


Check these top 3 reasons why so many couples choose Fiji as their honeymoon location.

 The Fiji Islands are gifted with  natural beauty including crystal clear, blue and turquoise waters, tropical rainforests and waterfalls, white sand beaches, stunning sunsets and most of all romantic ambience.  These factors make it the perfect spot for romantic getaways. Why not take a honeymoon to Fiji and savor the wonderful moments during these romantic days.


 Staying in Fiji can never be boring. There are a lot of water activities to do and to experience. The beautiful Fiji water is perfect for it.  Whether you are interested in snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving or simply a picnic along the beach, these activities will surely make your day.

 There are a lot of accommodations to choose from. Fiji’s all inclusive resorts are available for you to choose from depending on your needs and budget.  For example if you want to stay at Tokoriki Island Resort, you can definitely find a package that fits your budget. This resort is located cozily in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands. Each of the resort’s 34 bures and villas have beautiful vistas of white sand beaches, colorful lagoons, and neighboring islands. You can surely pamper yourself with the services they offer from private pool to relaxing spa and more. Whether you are newlyweds or couples on a romantic holiday or anniversary, Fiji can provide anything you want from special holiday packages, outdoor activities and excellent accommodations.

BD.TSnaphots. tokoriki-fiji-sunset-pool-villa-pool-and-daybed.02.2015

Hurry up and plan your memorable and stress free romantic getaway in Fiji! Whatever your heart desires, the island bows to you in deference and will provide you with beauty, luxury and all the privacy you want.  Enjoy your romantic holiday in Fiji soon!

Are you a person who loves traveling? So you love capturing all the places that you visit? Do you like making memories? I am sure you all must have answered with a yes. The trend of uploading and sharing what you and where you travel has really set pace. We all want to show people our travel diaries and keep the pictures with ourselves as a memory through which you can go through at any point of time.


We like to make our photos picture perfect and do not want any element to spoil it whether it is an object or the correct light setting. With our growing requirements and dependence on photo editing applications, a number of them have come up.  ==> READ MORE

This is the best time of the year to plan for a vacation. Last month, I received an email from a new friend, whom I met in my travel in Morocco last December 2014. She told me that she wanted to travel with me again this year. It is not a problem for me and it seems that she is a nice lady.  This is the reason why I am also quite busy the past weeks  planning  for  the next  travels this year.


The famous sign in Las Vegas. Taken during my visit last 2012.

I am targeting to visit United States of America again. I have been there twice but then US is a huge country and there are so many places to see and to  experience.   Besides many friends are also inviting me to visit them. ==> READ MORE

That dream of visiting another continent finally came true. I was in Africa for the first time and had the chance to visit Morocco. I thought I can only see it in internet or in travel magazines or travel guide book.  Finally, visiting one of the countries I wish to see in Africa came into reality. My travels in 2014 ended up in this fascinating African country.

The Ruins of Volubilis in Morocco.

One of the places I visited, together with a group of travelers from Germany was Volubilis.  This is a very interesting Roman ruins located between Rabat and Fes. It is not so far from Meknes.  ==> READ MORE

Happy New Year! How’s everyone doing out there? I hope everything is doing good with you all. I just looked at the calendar to make it sure that I will not make a mistake. And yes, we are indeed in the third weekend of January 2015. Isn’t it a blessing to be well and alive for another year? I believed yes! It is the greatest blessing to be here in this universe for another year!

Any travel plan for this year? I actually have another plan to travel again but this time, my sister in the USA  broke my record  because she is the one who traveled first at the beginning of the year 2015. My travel will commence this spring season. ==> READ MORE

A Wonderful and Meaningful Christmas to all!


The best part of the season is remembering
those who make the holidays meaningful.
We wish you all the love and happiness this season can bring,
and may it follow you throughout the coming new year.

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas to everyone!

I am back here! I have so many travel experiences to share but time is always limited now. I wish  I can share  more often  in this blog even just photographs of the places I visited  but with the many  things that keep me busy the past 3 months, it is quite impossible. I will still my best to share  my travels when time will allow me.

The Abbey of Saint Gall, known in German as Fürstabtei St. Gallen, is a Roman Catholic religious complex in the city of St. Gallen.  It was founded by an  Irish monk named Gallus around 613, a disciple and companion of Saint Columbanus,  who established a hermitage on the site that would become the Abbey. In 1983, the Convent of St. Gall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as “a perfect example of a great Carolingian monastery”.

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