How  was your first two days of March 2012? I had a wonderful one so far. We had a lovely  weather yesterday  and  today. It was not so cold and I slowly breath the spring air. It seems that winter is almost ending. It is actually the beginning of meteorological spring time last February 29, 2012 in Germany.  I  just heard it over  the radio last Wednesday. The temperature in our area in Bavaria  is getting milder.  We had some sunshine and the temperature reached until 18 degree Celsius.  Sad  to  say, I heard again a weather forecast today that we will be having some snow again next week.

I can’t just wait for spring season to come. go away winter please! I am quite excited to see the flowers to start to bloom again in our garden.

I guess that is all for now. Let me wish everyone a beautiful and stress-free month of March 2012. Cheers!

winter in Bavaria, Germany.