Keen skiers or snowboarders may start to get itchy feet when winter comes around. Even if there have been no plans put in place to hit the slopes, the call of the fresh, white powder can be just too strong to resist.

If you find that you simply can’t go a winter without a practising your ski or snowboarding technique, despite plans to maybe try something different this year, you’ll be dying to get your teeth into some last minute ski deals.

Perhaps you’ve already enjoyed a sunshine break, or maybe a cultured city break, but you decide that you just can’t go a winter without slipping on those ski boots. In that case, a last minute ski trip may be just the ticket.

Budget wise, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised when you come to seek out those last minute prices. Hopefully, you’ll find that you can squeeze in that ski break without breaking the bank.

Many people enjoy the sociable aspect of snow sports, so why not get friends together for group snowboarding holidays? As well as being an amazing shared experience, sharing a chalet with a large group can bring the individual’s holiday cost down, meaning that you can all enjoy a fun-filled skiing or snowboarding holiday for less.

Travelling as a couple or alone? Don’t despair. You’re sure to find great deals on budget accommodation, battering your ski break budget down to an all-time low.

Sometimes, it’s those ‘off the cuff’ ideas that turn out to be the best. Don’t deny yourself some winter fun if you feel you really can’t get through the winter without your putting skis to snow. Simply look up last minute ski holidays and sneak in a memorable, low cost trip that’s all the sweeter for being that little bit naughty.