Goa vacation is one of the true highlights of the expedition to India. Goa is a place blessed with striking landscapes charmed by golden and silver beaches, sea food smacking lips, green hills and other substantial and unearthly charms. A trip to Goa actually calms the soul and body. Goa has been occupied since prehistoric times. The region was a part of the wide Mauryan Empire. After the influx of the 14th century, it was ruled by the Sultanate of Delhi. This was possible due to the military invasion of Goa by the Portuguese Colonel Alfonso de Albuquerque.

The Indian population adopted the Christian faith, either by force or by choice. However, after some time the Indian army attacked Goa and made it a territory of the Indian nation. Travelling to Goa will certainly bring to light several transcendental activities that will clearly captivate the mind of tourists.

The traditions of Goa are a mixture of Portuguese and Indian cultures. Portuguese influence is evidently observed in the architectural designs of Goa. The official language in Goa is the native Konkani. The local people of Goa are very famous for their hospitable nature. Travelers can find Goa nap or rest throughout the daytime. This actually takes place during summer seasons from 1 pm to 4 pm. The tourist can take pleasure of the scrumptious excellent cuisine of Goa in the coastal area Rice and fish curry is the food commonly accessible in Goa.

This small Indian state is renowned for its several variations of fish dishes. The foodstuff is definitely piquant and contains a big proportion of coconut and its derivatives. Pork dishes are very popular amongst local and international tourists. Vegetarians will enjoy the scrumptious Khatkhate – a stew of veggies with a distinctive taste of Goa. Travelling to Goa should certainly include trips to Candolim Beach, Palolem Beach and Dona Paula Beach.