Are you looking for a chance to take some great pictures on your next holiday? Europe offers some of the most gorgeous places in the world to photograph due to its mix of history, culture and landscape. Here are some of Europe’s most photogenic spots, where you can take postcard-worthy photos all day long.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is known for its gently rolling hills, groves of olive trees and fields filled with brilliant yellow sunflowers. Here you can photograph Roman ruins, medieval churches, and rustic villages. It also has a mild, pleasant climate, which is ideal for outdoor photo shoots. Finally, you work on your food photography by visiting one of the region’s renowned cooking schools.

Stavangar, Norway

Home of some of the world’s most dramatic rock formations, the fjords, Norway is an ideal place for outdoor, nature and adventure photography. At Stavangar, you can hike to the top of a fjord and look down on the ocean, Or, if you prefer to look up, you can take a boat tour through the fjord and see the cliffs against a clear sky. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could try rock-climbing or kayaking to get that perfect shot.

Bruges, Belgium

This preserved medieval city in Western Flanders is known for its stunning medieval architecture, which poses just above the narrow cobbled streets and dreamy grey canals. In the spring, you may be able to photograph the swans in the canals or the daffodils blooming in the city’s old convent. The city is even beautiful in the rain, of which it receives plenty.

Luzern, Switzerland

This is Alpine beauty at it’s finest. By taking any number of walking trails, you can wander along the slopes and peer down at jagged cliffs and mountain lakes. In the winter, you will also get to see skiers practicing on the slopes, and also the quaint Christmas markets that start up every December, selling traditional items like wooden toys, mulled wine, and seasonal pastries.

Mt Teide, Tenerife

Mt Teide is almost perfectly located in the center of Tenerife and is the remains of a larger ancient volcano as it sits in the centre of a caldera. It rises over 3700m giving you the best view in the canaries, there is a cable car up to just below the top if you can’t be bothered to walk. It’s certainly worth the visit so check out some tenerife holidays from icelolly!

Paris, France

No guide to photographing Europe would be complete without mentioning Paris, which has inspired generations of artists, scholars and travelers. You can photograph art, architecture, and fashion in one of the world’s premier culture capitals. Even the food takes on an artistic angle in Paris, with careful attention paid to presentation as well as preparation. If you visit Paris, you will certainly have no shortage of lovely pictures.

As an optional side trip, you can also take the train to Provence, which is known for gorgeous fields of lavender, blooming purple against the bright sunlight and green surroundings. It would make a truly winning shot.

Further Suggestions

These are just a few of the wonderful places to practice photography in Europe. But make sure to visit places beyond this list as well. The truth is you can find the potential for great pictures all over the continent. All you need is your favourite camera and the willingness to explore!