I seldom hear or listen to country music. When I was in Ireland, I always hear Irish country folk music while we were traveling.. Our tour guide always played Irish songs everyday in our bus. I find the songs quite interesting and it is good to the ears. During our stop in Sneem, I ended up buying some CD’s containing Irish folk music. Next time, I would love to visit gibson custom shop to see what music instruments or music gadgets to be found  in this store. I am a music lover and I love singing as well. My friends told me that I have a nice voice but  I am only good in karaoke singing. lolz!

Our tour guide recommend us to this music store in Sneem, Ireland. I am quite sad because the owner put the wrong CD in one of the case.

I remember during  my recent trip to Ireland when someone from the group told me that I have a  nice voice. My heart expanded 5cm when I heard that. I wish I am a singer but I am only good during parties and gatherings  among friends and family.

When I came back home from my trip in Ireland,  I already listen to the CD’s I bought there. I have 7 CD’s with various  Irish country songs and I am loving it! Hearing it everyday just makes me remember my  awesome trip in Ireland.