It is almost two months now since my visit in Ireland. Times really flies so fast. It seems like last week when I was there but when I was looking at the calendar, it’s already almost two months. I was boarding Aer Lingus and we landed in Dublin Airport.  One of the places where we did  some sightseeing was in  Ireland’s  capital city.

A store in Dublin where I bought some souvenirs.

What did I do in Dublin?  I want to find couples promise rings but I don’t have enough time to go around. I just bought some travel souvenirs like postcards, fridge magnets, shotglasses, travel book guide, hoodies and more. I would love to buy more souvenirs but my luggage limit won’t allow me anymore. Besides, I also bought some souvenirs from Cork, Killarney, Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher and other places we visited during that holiday.