I thought I can only see this city in a travel reportage in television, in internet or in a travel book. I was overwhelmed with happiness when I finally visited St. Petersburg in Russia. How I wish I can stay longer in this city but the ship had to leave for our next destination in the Baltic, in Finland’s capital city of Helsinki.

A horse statue on one of the bridges in Saint Petersburg.  © ww.travel-snapshots.com

“The Most Beautiful City I Ever Visited”

I have been to many cities in Europe including Vienna, Madrid, London, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Zurich, Zagreb, Maribor, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Dubrovnik, Salzburg,  Dublin, Manchester, and other capital and major cities in Europe  and in the United States and Canada, etc..but I can  say  as   of now, St. Petersburg is the most beautiful of all!  It is unique in its own.  It might not have its originality  but simply a kind of general embodiment  of the notion of a capital city.

It is simply beautiful!

Saint Petersburg is nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its many canals and bridges. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

“St. Petersburg Reminds Me of Many Cities I Visited in Europe.”

I have to agree with our tour guide who told us that St. Petersburg is  dubbed as the “Venice of the North” Indeed it is!  Its fame and beauty  rival such international centres as London and Paris. Its many canals reminds me of my visit to Amsterdam. Its embankments  are reminiscent of  Paris.  It also reminds me of my many visits  in Venice due to its countless bridges and the tangible sense of proximity to the sea.  Its city’s mist and reminds parks reminds me of my visit to London.

This  city is impossible to forget!  The splendour of its splendid architectural  ensembles  and the idiosyncratic beauty of its streets and houses of St. Petersburg will always remind me of  this city.

The Kazan Cathedral. Taken during our visit last August 2, 2013. © ww.travel-snapshots.com

Thanks to the recent cruise trip we did to the  Baltic region and Scandinavia, I was able to visit St. Petersburg. I wish to visit this city again in the future. Crossing my fingers! Sorry if the pictures are not too clear. It was cloudy and partly rainy in Saint Petersburg during our visit. I  did not also edited these photos. These are only snapshots while we were sitting inside the tour bus. I hope I can find time to download some of the better photos I took.

Have fun reading! Take care everyone!