If you ask me what city I would like to visit again in Europe?  I will surely answer, in Tallinn. I find Estonia’s capital very interesting. I am just saddened because  I  only explored  it for a day.  To experience everything  in this city, I believed staying for a week is quite  enough.

Estonia.Tallinn.DSC03169.© RB Photography
Live entertainers in one of the restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia. I was there last summer!
 During our walk in the Old City of Tallinn, we saw some live performers and entertainers on the street.  Some of them are the ones you can see in the image above. I find their  medieval music very entertaining. Their costumes are also cool,  feeling like going back to the medieval times, which I really love.

I can recommend to the guitarist in this photo to browse and buy guitar case at guitar center. He might have an old one and who knows he need to buy a new one. lolz!

One thing, I also would like to experience in Tallinn is the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration. It is held every five years and the next celebration will take place next year, 2014. It is recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

I have a lot  of  travel experiences to share about my trip  in Tallinn. But for now, please bear with me, I will try to share more in my next posts. Thanks and happy weekend!