Christmas  season is almost here! I can  slowly  feel  the spirit of Christmas. This is one of the best times of the year to visit Germany. Experiencing many of the Christmas markets in this country  hosted by its little villages to its capital cities,  is just worth visiting.

Sometimes it is simply difficult to decide which Christmas Fairs of   Christmas Markets to visit but experiencing it in  two or three places in Germany is already enough. Oh well, not really for me because I want to experience everything. I am thankful that I already visited some of the famous Christmas markets in this country.

Germany.Erfurt.xmas market.DSC_2011-© RB Photography

The Erfurt Dom or Cathedral at the background. Taken during my visit last December 2012.

One of the best Christmas markets I experienced  in Germany is in Erfurt. This Thuringian capital city was founded in 742 by St. Boniface. It is a city in the green and cultural heart of Germany.

Erfurt’s Christmas market is the largest in Thuringia and one of the loveliest in the whole of Germany. You can find the perfect setting of the romantic and unique Christmas Market in the Domplatz or Cathedral Square.

You can truly had a great time when visiting this event. The highlight  of the Erfurt Christmas Market include its 25m high  Christmas tree, decorated with hundreds of candles and the 12m high Christmas Pyramid and a nativity scene.

Germany.erfurt.xmas.DSC_1579.© RB Photography

The Cathedral Square where the Christmas market in Erfurt is being held every year.  You can also experience it in other parts of the city.

This year’ Christmas Market will be held  on  November 26 to December 22, 2013.

There are around 200 little wooden huts in the Cathedral square. Here, you can  smell the aroma of  glühwein (mulled wine),  taste the famous Thuringian bratwurst, buy souvenirs like Christmas decors of all kinds and Christmas presents for your love ones.

I was happy that I booked that very cheap trip to experience this wonderful Christmas Market in Erfurt. I also had the chance to explore some o the famous sights in the city including the famous Krämerbrücke, a bridge constitute one of Germany’s best-preserved medieval town centres. The Erfurt  Cathedral  known as Dom St. Marien (St Mary’s Cathedral) is the biggest church in Erfurt on Domberg hill near the Dom Square.

There are just  a lot of things to experience in this city and a day-visit is  not enough to explore everything. I still feel very lucky because I was there to see its beauty!