I owed someone about posting my travel experience in Domazlice. I promised, I will post it before the end of the month. lolz! Domazlice is a historic town situated near the Czech-German border. It is located on the foot of the Cesky les mountains. It is not really a big town but it is also worth to visit considering its historic sights.

Historic buildings in Domazlice, Czech Republic during our visit last December 2013.

I had trip there last November and a good friend was with me. Since we had a lot of time during our visit, we did a lot of things like walking around the town, shopping for souvenirs, had a lunch in an Asian restaurant and also had the chance to sit down in a nice coffee in the area. The name of this coffee shop is Tiffany. I would love to share more about our experience in this coffee shop.

More on that, since we had enough time that day, we also tried to look for a beauty shop. I don’t need synthetic hair extensions but I only want to have ma hair trimmed. Sad to say, we were not successful because most of the beauticians and hair cutters said that we need to have an appointment. We actually went to three beauty shops and all of them was telling the same.

I have more things to share about Domazlice in my next post. Happy new year once again!