Happy New Year! How’s everyone doing out there? I hope everything is doing good with you all. I just looked at the calendar to make it sure that I will not make a mistake. And yes, we are indeed in the third weekend of January 2015. Isn’t it a blessing to be well and alive for another year? I believed yes! It is the greatest blessing to be here in this universe for another year!

Any travel plan for this year? I actually have another plan to travel again but this time, my sister in the USA  broke my record  because she is the one who traveled first at the beginning of the year 2015. My travel will commence this spring season.

Not only that, she and her hubby brought with them their pets. I know,  you know about man’s bestfriend and my sister has two of them.  I hope if they need some help about pets, they will  visit this site, http://entirelypetspharmacy.com/posatex-otic-suspension-15-gm.html. It is a pet pharmacy and for sure if you have pets, they can assist with any problems for your pets.

From Las Vegas, they drove to California to visit Point Loma in San Diego. I saw the pictures she posted in facebook and I found the place quite interesting. I haven’t been there but I was already in  California two years ago especially in San Francisco.

I don’t know if I can travel with a dog but for now, I am  not thinking about it. So where is your destination for this year? Safe and happy  travels to us all! Cheers!