Happy Easter everyone! The weather was not really friendly during Easter week but that is not a problem for me.  I have to work the whole Easter weekend. I would love to spend it at home or somewhere but since I was scheduled to work, I cannot do anything about  it. Besides in two weeks from now, the first vacation for this year will be starting already.  I really need a break and I am very  excited  for the upcoming travels.

The musicians during the Volksfest parade, a summer festival in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria.

Spring is finally here!  In some weeks, spring festivals will be commencing in the different places in Germany especially in Bayern or Bavaria region. One thing I love about this country are the festivals that are going on all year round. One of the Volksfest I witnessed was in Neumarkt in der Oberfpalz or Upper Palatinate region  in Bavaria.

During the Volksfest or festival  parade, there are always group of musicians who are joining it.  Musical instruments of all kinds from trumpets to drums, cymbals,  flute and the  like  are being played by these musicians. At the festival ground, you can also hear some music  and songs played by live bands. A standard speaker is being used for the music to be heard at the whole festival hall.   Performers and entertainers  of all kinds from guitarist to drummers, pianists, singers and dancers will surely give you fun and enjoyment once you visit any German  festivals.

I can’t wait to go to some festivals this year again. Cheers and have a great week to all!