Happy spring season! Although the weather is still not so warm, I am glad that winter is finally over now. The heater is still turn on especially in the evening because it is still cold inside the house.

Anyway, let me share a bit about my travel in Greece before I sign-off tonight. It was a wonderful cruise trip in the different islands of the country last time. I would say, it was a fantastic experience for a cheap vacation package. I am a cheap traveler but most or I would say 99% of my travels are all worth it considering the cheap prices I paid and I had a lot of priceless experiences exploring places.

A walk around Fira is very interesting seeing various architectures and designs.

One of the islands we visited during that cruise holiday was Santorini.   Visiting this volcanic island  was a dream came true. Wow, I am super happy and so grateful to be there.

Santorini is  in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. Its dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, and the natural beauty of the island attracts millions of visitors each year. I am one of it and I am really happy!

Stunning view from Fira.  Bars, restaurants, clubs and coffee shops are scattered in the area.

The ship docked in Fira that time and we had to take a small boat to reach the place. Also called as Thera or Thira, Fira is the main town of Santorini island which is located  on the top of a cliff of a caldera. The stunning view in this town is truly worth an exploration.  It features all that Oia has. Although we also visited Oia, I  wish I have more time to explore  other towns and villages in the island.

The very interesting architecture of white houses in Fira, Santorini.

We took the cable car from the port to the top of Fira to save time but on our way back to the ship, we decided to go by foot which was also a good choice seeing the stunning views of the area. There are museums in Fira and its few bars and clubs can be very crowded especially during high season. Fira is a good base to use since there are buses from here going to many other parts of the island. It is also cheaper compared to taking a taxi.

Visiting Santorini was indeed an awesome experience for me. I know there are still a lot of beautiful and historic places to see in Greece and I will surely visit some of it,  one at a time.

I am slowly hitting the sack for now. Best regards from Europe!