I can’ wait for the day when I can travel again! In fact, I am getting so excited now. Luggage are finally packed but I still need to finalize my hand carry baggage. Some more days and I will be in the other side of the globe again. This will really be very exciting and I am praying for safe flights and travels. So help me and all travelers Lord of Travels!

So, are you a traveling musician or I would say a  street performer? During my travels and tours in Europe I have had met  a lot of these so-called street performers especially musicians who are bringing with them their music  instruments to earn money to finance their travels. For someone who  is carrying a guitar a Montage 61 key might be perfect for you.  What do you think?

I know I can sing good but I cannot play any musical instruments. If I can do that, I might also be traveling while playing my own music! lol!