How’s everyone doing out there? I am glad, we are having sunshine at the moment and I heard from the weather news forecast  that the sun shines  the whole day. Thanks God for it! There are just so many things to be thankful of! I am also  very grateful that  I am so far doing good now. I hope to be backed to my regular job soon.


I know, it will be quite a long time since I can visit Las Vegas again. Still, I am thankful that I was there twice and had experienced a lot of entertainments especially the free musical shows in Las Vegas Strips and in many hotels there. If you love many forms of entertainments, Las Vegas is a perfect place to go.

If you are searching for musical instruments, music store usa is just a browse of your mouse. They are selling various musical gadgets and accessories. One show  I watched was Elton John’s Red Piano Concert in Colliseum in Caesars Palace. It was a fantastic show. Thanks to my cousin for giving us free tickets.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Take care folks!