Spring is finally here! I am thankful for the month of March and so excited for this month! It is finally April and so far, it is starting great! I had an awesome afternoon today after some family members paid a visit to us. We have been planning to meet since January but plans and schedules just don’t perfectly meet. This is life sometimes and we can do all the things we wanted to do.

I am slowly getting excited now. The next adventures is almost coming. I should normally be packing for my luggage today but it did not happened at all. I also need to slowly prepare my travel gadgets like my cameras, laptop, table,actioncam and smartphones. Yes, I have all of these since I love to documents my travel and sharing it to social media.

I wish, I am a full time digital nomad now. I also wish to be a musician or a street performer who can play any musical instruments but I am not. This way, I might be able to finance my travels. There is one things I wish to buy an m-audio axiom 49 at guitarcenter.com. Do you have any idea what is  it ? If not check out Guitar Center for all your  music gadgets and accessories needs!