It was the first place we visited that day. I already set the alarm at 6:30 in the morning. The breakfast at the hotel will be at 7:30 AM. That time, I know for sure, I am done in preparing myself before the trip  begin. Santarcangelo di Romagna is not so far from where we […]

It was good to be backed to Venice again! The trip in Italy is over now and all I have are the memories and the photographs I took from those trips we did to the different places there. I never had enough of Venice and I keep on coming back in this beautiful city. Indeed, […]

I believed some of you already visited   Venice, Italy. Some of you might also had experienced  the gondola ride around the canals of Venice. I did and I experienced it twice. I already visited Venice four times and can’t wait to visit it again for the fifth time next week. Yes, I am traveling […]

Some weeks ago, I received a travel flyer for a trip to Verona. This city in in Veneto, northern Italy is one of the main tourist destinations in this part of the country. Together with friends, I had the chance to visit this city last summer 2011. It was quite a very hot summer in […]

It was indeed a beautiful day we had when we visited Porto Venere over a week ago. How I wish I am still there right now to avoid the cold autumn season in Germany. Sad to say, I am already back home but I am still thankful,  I arrived home safely  with many wonderful memories […]

It was another dream came true when I visited Florence. Known in Italian as Firenze, this city is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy. I have been to many places and cities in Italy and all I can say, this city is truly a must-to-see place for all tourists who lovely architecture, culture […]

Whilst the origins of pizza are mainly from the southern parts of Italy including Sicily and Sardinia, it’s now pretty much available throughout Italy. Its origins are unclear but thought to come from flatbreads of one kind or another from the southern regions, often with Middle Eastern flavours.  Early flatbread pizzas featured local ingredients such […]

It is very famous because of  Juliet’s  House or the Casa di Giulietta. It was supposedly the location of the famous balcony love scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but for reason  I don’t know, it did not took place there.  Verona is one of the cities that I visited in Italy. It is located […]

It is almost a year now since our last visit to Venice, Italy. I have been to this Italian city thrice and still want to come back again. During my third visit, we  finally had the chance to ride a gondola and explore some of the canals in this city. I considered this place one […]

I am trying to reminisce the gorgeous trip we had in this town last spring of 2011. It  is almost a year now since our sightseeing there. Vernazza is one of the  lovely  villages in Cinque Terre (also known as the Five Villages). It is located in the province of La Spezia, Liguria in the  […]


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