I can’t imagine that this week is already the last week of the month. Indeed, February is almost ending. I was thinking awhile ago about my last vacation in Las Vegas. Exactly today, it is a year and a half now since my last vacation in the United States. I visited  some places there and […]

Whose not going to miss  this lovely place! This place will always be my home. It is simply saying, “there is no place like home!”.  I hope you agree with that. Wherever I travel in this world, nothing can replace the  country where I grew up.   Everytime I miss home,  all I need to […]

This is one of the famous festival I miss in the Philippines. I witnessed it twice and it just makes me happy everytime  it is celebrated in January each  year. The Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City. It is also held in other places in the […]

It was indeed a wonderful indeed! I can never forget Andalucia (Andalusia in Spanish). It is a region in Spain located in the south of the Iberian peninsula. It was my first visit in this country and I was amazed by the beauty of this land especially Andalucia. Indeed, I had a great experience during […]

Karlovy Vary, called by Germans as Karlsbad or in English as Carlsbad, is a lovely spa city situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. I love the atmosphere in this city. I already visited it thrice. My first visit was in October 2011, followed by summer in 2012 and last August of this year. I was […]

If you ask me what city I would like to visit again in Europe?  I will surely answer, in Tallinn. I find Estonia’s capital very interesting. I am just saddened because  I  only explored  it for a day.  To experience everything  in this city, I believed staying for a week is quite  enough. Live entertainers […]

I have to admit, I am missing  St. Petersburg! I thought I can only see it on television, in the internet or in a travel book but I  there. I was amazed  by the beauty of this city. No wonder, I read from a famous traveler (I forgot his name) saying   St. Petersburg is […]

September, the beginning of BER months reminds us that the holiday season is almost approaching. In my home country, some people starts to decorate their home starting September. You might not believe it but it happens every year. If I am at home now, I will surely do the same. How I wish I am […]

I finally found some pictures taken during the German-American Volksfest taken last 2012. It was the last fair  I visited at the US Base in Hohenfels, Bavaria. There is no festival that took place this year.  I heard from a friend that the US Army has a financial difficulty at the moment. I also heard […]

I seldom hear or listen to country music. When I was in Ireland, I always hear Irish country folk music while we were traveling.. Our tour guide always played Irish songs everyday in our bus. I find the songs quite interesting and it is good to the ears. During our stop in Sneem, I ended […]

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